May 9, 2007

Getting it all wrong

Rudy Keating, on, takes on Rudy vis-a-vis the abortion issue:

While there obviously are pro-choice Republicans around, the GOP generally ranks as the pro-life party due to its presumed conservative roots. Conservatism sees intrinsic value in each individual - no matter the person's stage of development - and defends his or her right to life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. Therefore, opposition to abortion serves as a conservative policy

But what about all that conservative talk in favor of individual choice and
against government interfering in people's lives? Those conservative principles
still stand tall, but abortion is no mere personal choice. The line must be
drawn against snuffing out innocent human life. The first job of government is
to protect such life.

See, that last line is the thing. Where does one draw the line at what is life and what isn't? Medicine generally accepts that a fetus before 24 weeks gestation is not a viable life. The lungs are not developed enough to facilitate gas exchange, which is essential to life. ALL living things exchange gas.... even plants.... and the inability to do so could easily be the definition of "non-life." So one has to wonder why any reasonable person would define a four-celled blastocyst "life."

Beyond that, though, is the prior question about individual choice and government interference. To reduce the choices of a woman would be to turn her into little more than a bipedal incubator. And THAT idea is more abhorrent to me than the idea of abortion.

I don't like abortion. Never will. However, I like the idea of taking choices away from people even less. To my simple mind, abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. Not abolished.

Mr. Keating's greater failure, though, is to limit his opinion of a candidate to ONE issue. Mr. Giuliani is fiscally conservative, tough on crime, aware of the dangers that face our country, and has a proven track record of leadership in times of crisis. He's affable, intelligent, open, and able to laugh at himself.

What more could we want from a President?

Update: More here. "Yawn" doesn't quite cover it.

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