April 28, 2007

The real problem in Iraq

Is al Qaida, according to Gen. David Petraeus.

Lawrence Kudlow:
Our last, best hope in Iraq -- Gen. David Petraeus -- reminded Pentagon reporters this week of a critically important fact long forgotten by most observers: Our real enemy in Iraq, the true source of all the murders, mayhem, and instability, is not sectarian strife. And it's not the Sunnis or the Shiites, either. The real enemy we face in Iraq is al-Qaida.

According to the top American commander in Iraq, al-Qaida's No. 1 priority is defeating the United States in Iraq. The general called this organization "public enemy No. 1," adding that "Iraq is, in fact, the central front of al-Qaida's global campaign."

No kidding? Who knew?

In contrast to the blind Harry Reid contingent, I'd like to highlight one remarkably clear thinker who does get what's going on in this war -- someone who recognizes the true enemy and is able to articulate his position in breathtaking clarity. I'm talking about Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. Frankly, no public official understands what's at play better than Lieberman. He set forth his lucid position in Thursday's Washington Post and brought it alive when I interviewed him on "Kudlow & Company" later that day.

Lieberman forcefully stated that "al-Qaida, after all, isn't carrying out mass murder against civilians in the streets of Baghdad because it wants a more equitable distribution of oil revenue. Its aim in Iraq isn't to get a seat at the political table; it wants to blow up the table -- along with everyone seated at it."

I think that italic statement is exactly right, and it's the fundamental point that the political left in this country fails to grasp every time. Negotiations with the enemy in Iraq WILL. NOT. WORK.

Al Qaida doesn't want to talk to us.... they want to kill us. And it's about time we recognize that.

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