April 27, 2007

No knock raids

The Blogfather, Instapundit, has written extensively on the perils of "No-knock Raids" by cops before. You can find his writings here, here, and here.

More on the issue here. (Registration required, but it's free.)


Atlanta police narcotics officer Gregg Junnier loved the hustle and danger
of of roaming the steets at night in search of criminals.
"He loved the chase," and he was able to make his own rules, his attorney Gino Brogdon said at a news conference Friday.

But in that universe, he learned shortcuts that led to the tragic death of Kathryn Johnston on Nov. 21. Johnston was killed by a team of narcotics officers who burst into her house after dark, expecting to find a kilo of cocaine and a man named Sam. Instead, they found a frightened 92-year-old shut-in who opened fire on what she thought were intruders.

The officers were led into the raid by a tip from an unreliable source, and they were armed with a warrant based on lies.

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