April 15, 2007

No apologies

for the total lack of blogging. I simply haven't had time or desire to espouse my vast wisdom on anything in particular.

I'm adding a few new links to the blogroll, and ask that you check them out when you get time.

First is The Ambulance Driver Files, by my close friend and compatriot Kelly. Kelly is a medic in Louisiana, and one of perhaps 10 medics I know that are better than me. He's got a razor sharp, dry, acerbic wit that'll have you in stitches.

Second is A Flight Medic's Journal, hosted by Melissa. She's in the same line of work that I am, and shares many of the same views (and frustrations.) Good reading there.

Third is Rocky Mountain Medic, who also shares a sharp wit and macabre sense of humor. Plus, it helps me remember Colorado, as if I were still there, rather than stuck here in the 9th Circle of Hell.

More links as I get them coded. For now, go read. Don't forget to check back. I'll try to be better at keeping things up-to-date.


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