November 10, 2006

What a difference a decade makes

My alma mater, Ball State University, a bastion of liberalism?

I'm just speechless.

(Honey? Remind me to stop sending money to the Alumni Association.)


Aaron said...

Malkin's allegation that the university opposed Horowitz speech, or had anything to do with the idiots who attacked him, is unsupported. Follow her links and see for yourself -- I live near a Ball State campus, so I looked into it. There's no evidence the administration said anything -- not a direct quote, nor even any hearsay quotes.

Malkin has a tendancy to give certain people a free pass on documentation. I wish she'd scratch Horowitz off her list -- he's fighting for a commendable cause, but his tactics are about as objective as Michael Moore's. His whole act is about finding extremist idiots, and claiming they represent everyone who disagrees with Horowitz.

Jeff B said...


While you do raise a good point regarding the Univeristy's Official Position, I also note a disturbing lack of condemnation by the University regarding this situation. Ball State officials could easily have come out in support of diversity, free speech, and academic integrity by denouncing the acts by the pie throwers.

"Party of diversity and tolerance," indeed.