November 25, 2006

Catching up

Long time since I've posted. There are good reasons, but you probably don't want to hear them.

Recent stuff:

There is no need to institute a draft. And I find it ironic that pre-2004 elections, the crying point of the L3's was "Bush wants to bring back the draft!"

K's family is in town. We all had a very nice dinner on Wednesday. I helped cook Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and all of us except K had another nice evening (she was working.) Yesterday and today I'm stuck at work, but I heard they all headed up to Sedona to take a Jeep tour, had a quiet day at the house, and sadly have to head back tomorrow.

Weather here in Phoenix is ideal. Or, what the locals call "Why we live here" weather. Daytime highs at 80 or so, nighttime lows dipping to around 50. After turkey dinner on Thursday, Chris and I spent the evening on the back porch, sipping a wee dram and enjoying a cigar. Good stuff.

Neck and back are acting up. Numbness in the right index finger and thumb, pain along the tricepts, and general aches. I'm heading to the doctor on Tuesday. Not sure what this will bring, but there better not be any talk of "no climbing," as I've got a trip to the San Juans in January for ice climbing in 6 weeks.

Speaking of ice, the conditions on the Ribbon are the best they've been in years, according to Vince at Skyward Mountaineering.

For those who enjoy a really good brain challenge, I invite you to Weff Riddles. I'm on level 41 as of 5:00 pm on Saturday, but I've been cruising through the last batch, so expect that number to rise. These can be addictive and frustrating, so do try to pad the wall before you bang your head against it. You have been warned.

More when I get time.

Update: Level 45.

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