October 21, 2006

Finally, a day of rest

The past week or so has been hectic at best. I've worked five shifts of 24 hours each, one of them quite busy. We've moved into our new house, I've spent more time unpacking boxes than any one man should have to do, and I still don't know where my Thelonius Monk CD collection is. Topping it all off, my internet provider had a mix up of dates to switch service, and I've been sans web access for almost 5 days. Oh, the horror, oh the tragedy. One would think I'm a detainee at Gitmo, the abuse I've suffered.

But we're finally settled in. The new house is nice: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, two stories, and 2300 square feet or so. Nice back yard, with a pool, patio, and gazebo under which I currently lounge, smoking a Carlos Torano cigar and sipping a wee dram of McCallan single malt scotch. It's October in Phoenix, and that translates into high temps in the mid 80's, sunny skies, and calm winds.

Yeah, I suppose it could be worse. Rumor has it that the temps in Indiana are in the 50's and cloudy.

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