December 26, 2005

What do you mean, they're not criminals?

Reuters has released a story about Susanne Osthoff, the German hostage kidnapped in Iraq three weeks ago. Her claims are amazing to see... that she felt safe, that her captors treated her well, etc.

DUBAI (Reuters) - A German held hostage in Iraq for three weeks said on Monday that the kidnappers who freed her a week ago promised not to hurt her because she was a Muslim.

Nice of them to be so gentle. Maybe now the terrorists can stop hurting the rest of the Muslim world by killing, torturing, rioting, and raping people under the Islamic name.

In her first interview since the ordeal, Susanne Osthoff, 43, told Al Jazeera television at its Qatar headquarters that they also said they did not want money.
Really? What did they want? Better health insurance and a work uniform stipend?

"They said 'Ms. Susan, we know you and you are Iraq's friend'," said Osthoff, a convert to Islam who speaks fluent Arabic. She is an archaeologist who has spent more than a decade working on excavations in Iraq.

Yeah, and?

"'We're informing you now this was a political reason why we kidnapped you, and we'll inform you later about what will happen, so don't be afraid, we don't harm women or children, and you are Muslim'," Osthoff quoted a kidnapper as saying.

I can think of a few women and children at a wedding reception in Joradn that might take umbrage to this statement.

"I was very happy because I knew I wasn't in the hands of criminals," she said. Her comments were translated into Arabic from English and parts were unclear.

1. She didn't see them as criminals? Quite the visionary, Frau Osthoff. You probably see them as fine upstanding individuals who have been directly responsible for the eradication of polio, greater literacy rates in sub-Amazonian South America, and the rebirth of impressionism.

I might be the only one, but I'd consider anyone that kidnapped me, held me prisoner, used me as bait for political gain, and made public threats against my safety to be a criminal. Then too, I think the Chicago Bears are the greatest football team in history, so my judgement might be a bit off.

2. Her comments had parts that were unclear? Which parts? The one where she says "They told me to say this"?

It was uncertain if she plans to return to Iraq, which she left last week for an undisclosed location to spend time with her young daughter.

After her release she chose not to return to Germany, where she has not lived for many years.

I'm glad she will be able to spend time with her child. Really, I am. Nothing is more touching than the sight of a mother with her child. Perhaps she should count her blessings.

Wearing a pinstripe jacket and loose black headscarf during the interview, Osthoff said the kidnappers pushed her into the trunk of a car in what she called a "professional performance".


The fate of her driver remains unclear. Osthoff said she was driven to a place near the Iraqi border but was later taken to Baghdad and released.

"I wasn't in tough circumstances and they treated me well," she said. "They understood that I knew about the Iraqi people's plight."

Lemme guess: You call them "brave freedom fighters" ala Cindy Sheehan? And, again, for the record: I can't claim to speak for anyone else, but in my world, binding my hands and pushing me into the trunk of an auto hardly qualifies as being treated well.

UPDATE: The Big Pharoh does it better.

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John Sobieski said...

No surprise here. It's just amazing that people that are apparently intelligent can jump into the ooze of Islam, and flop around in joy.